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Account-Based August 17, 2023

9 Essential and Effective Tools for Successful Account-Based Marketing

Writen by payanimedia

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The interest in account-based marketing (ABM) has steadily increased over the past five years. For a while, this B2B marketing strategy was in danger of losing all its meaning and hitting buzzwords, but it has continued to deliver results. Let us discuss the nine account based marketing tools that can be used in 2023.

A recent study reveals that more than 86% of marketers believe that account-based marketing strategies win more customers than traditional marketing methods. 80% of marketers say that account-based marketing helps improve return on investments (ROIs) and increase customer lifetime.

The stats associated with account-based marketing highlight its importance and effectiveness. But can ABM be the solution to all your marketing woes in 2023? This article will help you choose the right account-based marketing software to find out what it offers.

What is Account-Based Marketing: A Brief Overview?

Before digging deeper, we have a brief explanation of ABM. It is a marketing strategy that includes targeting business accounts (companies) and creating campaigns to capture the leads and turn them into customers.

Instead of the typical one-to-many approach, account-based marketing draws up a list of high-value target customers and focuses on winning them. Suppose you need help to get better results from your marketing campaigns or thinking of aligning your sales and marketing departments. In that case, you may leverage an account-based marketing approach to achieve your goals.

You often get stuck with traditional marketing strategies and need to get the results you deserve. You aim to cast a wide net with your marketing campaigns, but you end up with only a few conversions. In that case, you need to adopt a forward-thinking to launch better result-generating and personalized marketing campaigns. This is where account-based marketing comes in handy.

Account-based marketing is highly personalized that can help you get more from your marketing efforts in the following ways;

  • Automate your marketing and sales process so you can manage more leads
  • Integrate with traditional marketing strategies to capture all the leads
  • Align your sales and marketing teams to navigate the wholesale funnel
  • Personalize your content and campaigns to address the needs of your target companies (accounts)
  • Prioritize high-value targets to get maximum return on investment
  • Accurate your customers’ profiles using available and third-party customer data

9 Best Account Based Marketing Tools for 2023

To help you get tailored results from your marketing strategies, we have picked the nine best account based marketing tools for 2023. These tools help create your ABM strategy and pinpoint your target business accounts. There can be a variation in pricing and features, but all our picked software aims to achieve a single goal: manage your ABM marketing strategies.

1.  HubSpot

The account based marketing tools enables sales reps and marketers to execute highly personalized ABM marketing campaigns. It is not a standalone account-based marketing tool; it comes with the company’s Sales Hub Professional and Marketing Hub Professional solutions.

Key Features of HubSpot’s ABM Tool

This ABM tool can be ideal for executing robust AMB marketing campaigns. It offers an exclusive array of features, including;

  • Measure and track all your efforts throughout the account’s journey. It also lets you iterate and adapt your marketing strategies using data.
  • Create personalized content and deliver effectively to turn prospects into your potential customers
  • You can integrate this ABM tool with the customer relationship management (CRM) software of HubSpot.
  • The tool gives you AI-powered recommendations for target accounts to help you capture all the leads.
  • You can determine your high-value accounts and prioritize prospects scoring before reaching them.
  • The tool has workflow templates to determine well-fit target accounts and identify ideal customer profiles

HubSpot’s ABM tool enables you to manage all your marketing strategies using only a single system. The additional personalization features of the tool help you make your message more compelling for your definitive account. The solid automation capabilities of this ABM software help manage your inbound marketing campaigns and ABM marketing strategies simultaneously.


You can get HubSpot’s Marketing Hub Professional by paying $9,600 annually. This pricing plan covers 1,000 contacts. On the other hand, HubSpot’s Sales Hub Professional starts from $4,800 annually for five paid users.

2.  Terminus

Terminus is another great account based marketing tool that packs all the features you need to deliver multi-channel marketing campaigns. The platform features an acronym TEAM (Target, Engage, Activation, and Measure).

Key Features of Terminus

  • Use relationship data, intent engagement, and firmographics to find your ideal prospect accounts.
  • Run your marketing campaigns across several channels such as employee email, LinkedIn, and retargeting
  • Get excellent tools to align your sales and marketing teams
  • Get automatic sales alerts to centralize account information and meaningful engagement
  • Attribute and measure success at different stages of the sales and marketing journey.

Remember that Terminus does not disclose pricing on its official website.

3.  Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is another excellent account based marketing tool for 2023. Although it is not a complete ABM platform, this simple tool will help you find which companies are visiting your websites. Through Leadfeeder, you can identify how companies discovered your website and what they’re interested in. All the data collected by this ABM tool helps you determine and capture your ideal business accounts.

Key Features of Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder helps you approach the target accounts already visiting your websites. It gives access to numerous features, such as;

  • Integrate your leads with a CRM and update them automatically when a lead revisits
  • Get email alerts when a target account (company) visits your website
  • With the help of versatile filtering, create and save all the powerful feeds such as web pages, Google Ads campaigns, and accounts from a specific country
  • The tracker of the tool pushes data after every 5 minutes, allowing you to generate leads as soon as they come in
  • Get your captivating prospects at the top of your lead list automatically
  • Track the pages visitors are visiting more on your websites to identify their interests
  • Identify which companies are already visiting your websites

If you have leads that already know about your business/products but don’t know how to convert them into your customers. In that case, Leadfeeder gives you a great approach to understanding your inbound marketing strategies and determining what type of leads you’re generating.

Leadfeeder is a simple and incomplete ABM tool that can add value to your ABM marketing strategies.


You can get your hands on the accessible version of Leadfeeder. But if you want some exclusive features, you can opt for a paid plan which starts from $55 per month.

4.  Madison Logic

Madison Logic is a multi-channel ABM tool that is sure to be an excellent choice for account based marketing tools in 2023. The tool uses third-party sources to give you high-quality data. It also enables you to identify decision-makers and prospects using a powerful combination of demographic, technographic, and firmographic information.

Key Features of Madison Logic

  • The tool automatically stops and triggers content syndication programs identifying the marketing nurture and post-sales funnels.
  • It enables you to use more than 20 data sources to invest your content syndication budget in the likelier accounts to convert into customers.
  • You can accurately target people looking for a solution like yours right now.
  • It allows you to engage some influential people at every stage of the buying journey.
  • Madison Logic has extensive features to help you identify and prioritize companies more likely to convert.

Being an award-winning and enterprise-level ABM software, Madison Logic enables you to target the proper accounts and make efforts to convert them as soon as possible.


Despite offering numerous features, the starting prices of Madison Logic are surprisingly affordable. You can also enjoy a 14-day free trial of this ABM tool. You won’t find any specific pricing listed on the official website of Madison Logic. The ultimate price of the software depends on the number of users you require and the amount of contact data you download.

5.  RollWorks

If you need help managing your paid advertising account-based marketing campaigns, RollWorks can be an ideal tool for you. It is a dedicated platform that helps you identify high-value prospects and engage them in your targeted marketing campaigns. The built-in reporting and analytics features assist you in measuring the final results.

Key Features of RollWorks

  • You can measure the effectiveness of your account-based marketing campaigns at both contact and account levels.
  • The ads and sales automation feature help engage your essential buyers and target accounts.
  • You can use the machine learning feature of RollWorks to reveal signals on the content-consumption behavior of an account. These intent signals help you prioritize accounts for sales and marketing outreach.
  • The tool’s custom predictive model and B2B database are ideal for discovering new accounts that suit well with your business requirements.
  • Discover your ideal customer profile, find key contacts, and make a list of target accounts

Thanks to the audience matching and extensive targeting options of RollWorks which allow you to score your TAL.


The pricing plan for RollWorks starts at $975 per month. The price increases depending on the number of users and your data requirements.

6.  Triblio

Triblio is another flexible ABM tool that helps deliver your account-based marketing campaigns across multiple channels. The platform also packs some features of dynamic email campaigns and web personalization. 

Key Features of Triblio

  • Use artificial intelligence (AI) for orchestration and account identification.
  • Align your sales pipeline with the marketing funnel
  • Use account activities, campaign results, and purchase intent to create multi-channel campaigns
  • Use account scoring algorithms to identify purchase intent
  • Personalize your visitor’s web experience with dynamic CTAs and relevant messaging
  • Activate sales outbound and align them with buyers’ interests and your marketing campaigns


You won’t find any pricing list on the official website of Triblio. The annual fee of the platform depends on your data volume and the number of users.

7.  Leadiro

If you’re running a small or mid-sized B2B business, Leadiro is an effective ABM platform in account based marketing tools to cater to your needs. The data you collect from Leadiro is not always the most up-to-date, but this is not a hindrance. All account-based marketing tools suffer from this data hindrance to some extent.

Features of Leadiro

Leadiro is not an enterprise-level ABM platform but provides a valuable entry point into account-based marketing for small and mid-sized businesses. The platform offers the following features to satisfy the needs of small organizations;

  • The technographic feature of Leadiro helps you understand the technology, software, and hardware solutions your target prospects use to guide your account-based marketing campaigns.
  • The audience insights of Leadiro give you all the data you need to track your prospects and reach them using your targeted campaigns.
  • The platform allows you to reach B2B businesses in about 108 countries
  • You can use advanced demographic and firmographic profiling to identify your captivating prospects
  • The built-in contact Validity Score (CVS) feature of Leadiro ensures all the accounts meet a score higher than 95%
  • The scalability and affordability of the platform make it ideal for smaller businesses struggling to use ABM as an effective growth strategy.
  • It gives access to more than 59 million business contacts to reach and engage with your perfect B2B prospect within no time.


Leadiro’s free version gives unlimited access to the software’s data. But the free version does not allow you to download the contact’s data. To enjoy more intelligent features, you can decide on a paid version which starts from $99 per month.

8.  Vainu

Vainu is an award-winning and powerful account-based marketing platform. The platform not only helps in identifying your prospects, but you can also integrate your business data with CRM software.

Key Features of Vainu

  • Pinpoint the right message and reach your ideal customers at the right time
  • Use CRM data and 100+ filters to build quick lists
  • Track the buying signals of each prospect to make data-driven sales and marketing decisions
  • Use buying signals and CRM triggers to implement sales action automatically
  • Improve your marketing impact by understanding who you are interacting with and what they are looking for.


The pricing of Vainu starts from $7,250 per year for five users and one database. The price will gradually increase when you add data from more countries.

9.  DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg is an efficacious account based marketing platform used by some of the biggest brands, including Panasonic, LG, and Citi. The tool uses extensive third-party data to give detailed insights about your B2B campaigns.

Key Features of DiscoverOrg

  • Identify and connect with your essential buyers.
  • Use advanced insights to define your ideal customer profile (ICP)
  • Get real-time insights about some significant personal changes, such as rounds of hiring, layoffs, and promotions
  • Update your prospect data to ensure you’re storing accurate and current information about the ideal accounts
  • DiscoverOrg does not uncover pricing plans on its website.

The Bottom Line

Unlike traditional marketing strategies, account based marketing uses customized tactics to help businesses convert their leads into high-paying customers. Whether you want to align your sales and marketing funnels or get intended results from your marketing campaigns, ABM is an excellent way to achieve your goals.

You can use our recommended account-based marketing tools to automate your sales and marketing process, integrate with traditional marketing strategies, personalize your content, and prioritize high-value targets to get maximum return on investment.