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We are accepting 5 startups from
November 15th to February 15th.

Boost Your Score
to New Heights!

Welcome, Peachscore user! Upon approval, a suite of exclusive benefits awaits you. Dive in and explore! 

Investment Opportunity: Stand a chance to secure up to $500K in investment after a comprehensive evaluation, fueling your startup’s next growth phase.

Expert Advisory Services: Benefit from our seasoned advisory team, guiding you in areas like marketing, sales, and digital transformation, ensuring you’re on the path to success.

Marketing & Sales Strategy Session: Unlock a complimentary discovery and strategy call, laying the groundwork for effective marketing and sales initiatives.

Holistic Business Solutions: As part of the Payani Group ecosystem, tap into a wide array of services spanning Private Equity, Investment, Advisory, and Media and Marketing, ensuring all your business needs are met under one roof.

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The Payani Advantage

Fostering Growth, Empowering Excellence.​

Payani Group is your strategic partner in unlocking business potential through Private Equity, Advisory, and Media solutions dedicated to your growth and excellence.


Marketing Excellence

Elevate your brand with innovative marketing solutions, driven by our mission to amplify impact and connection.


Guiding Your Success​

Navigate complex strategic challenges with expert guidance, ensuring informed decisions and a clear path to success.


Investing in Growth​

Partner with us for growth, as we invest in promising businesses, fueling their expansion and long-term success.

How We Work

Game-Changing Outcomes Crafted Here


Understanding Your Audience

Our first step is to deeply comprehend your target audience, getting to the core of their pain points.


Crafting Your Distinct Strategies

We design comprehensive marketing & sales strategies that mirror your business goals and objectives.


Creating Engaging,
Tailored Content

We produce top-tier, pertinent content that directly addresses the unique needs of your audience.


Full Service

We can manage either all or specific aspects of your marketing and sales operations, allowing you the time to focus on expanding your business.

In a world of questions about the right marketing services and business benefits, we've crafted an approach that speaks to the heart of entrepreneurs. It's not just marketing; it's your brand's journey to triumph.

Achieve Success with Our Full-Service Marketing Approach

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We shape a strategic path and design elements that define and elevate your brand.

  • + Brand Strategy
  • + Brand Identity
  • + Brand Positioning
  • + Collateral Design
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Search Engine

We boost visibility with expert SEO, driving rankings and organic growth.

  • + Blog Writing
  • + Local SEO
  • + National SEO
  • + E-commerce SEO
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Pay Per

We achieve rapid results through targeted Pay-Per-Click, optimizing ad spend.

  • + Google Ads
  • + Bing Ads
  • + LinkedIn Ads
  • + Amazon Ads
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We foster brand communities, connecting, engaging, growing, and boosting revenue.

  • + Social Media Strategy
  • + Content Creation
  • + Facebook & Instagram
  • + TikTok & LinkedIn
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We engage, nurture, convert leads via personalized journeys, boosting revenue.

  • + Email Campaign Strategy
  • + List Building and Segmentation
  • + Content Creation and Personalization
  • + Drip campaigns
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We redefine your brand with responsive designs uniting aesthetics, functionality, and captivation

  • + Responsive Design
  • + UI/UX Design
  • + WordPress & Shopify
  • + Maintenance & Security
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We convey compelling stories through videos, capturing attention and enhancing engagement.

  • + Video Production
  • + Video Editing
  • + Video SEO
  • + Video Advertising
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We craft holistic plans, aligning objectives, tactics, and growth for impactful outcomes.

  • + Market Research
  • + Competitor Analysis
  • + Target Audience Profiling
  • + Campaign Planning
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We personalize strategies, targeting high-value accounts for tailored, effective engagement.

  • + Account Segmentation
  • + Content Customization
  • + Multi-channel Engagement
  • + Personalized Outreach

Inspiring Journeys

Clients Testimonials

Our conversion rate increased by 250% and orders by 233% within a few months. Their approach brings a new level of professionalism. We’re pleased with their team, trust them with every digital marketing aspect.

George Mekhtarian
Founder / CEO

They have proven capable of delivering results. Since COVID, they’ve shifted their approach effectively. Customers can expect to work with one team, allowing for a strong partnership. They work quickly, meet deadlines, and maintain communication.

Chris Dyer
Founder / CEO

Effective SEO campaigns resulted in first page rankings in Google search results and a substantial increase in traffic. The team’s reliability fostered a seamless partnership, exceptional project management skills led to increased engagement.

Mark Gustafson

They delivered services beyond my expectations, building a digital presence for my business. They truly collaborate, aligning work with my vision. They understand preferences and help me modernize within boundaries.

Chuck Zucco