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Live Webinar (Limited Seats)

Mastering ABM: Strategies for Advanced B2B Marketing Success

This webinar provides a focused exploration of implementing Account-Based Marketing (ABM) using technologies like Salesforce and Pardot for effective B2B strategies. Attendees will learn key tactics like precise segmentation, personalized content, and data-driven decision-making to enhance their ability to target and convert key accounts efficiently


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Ali Payani

CEO Payani Group


Ali Payani is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Payani Group, a dynamic conglomerate committed to fostering growth and excellence. Under his leadership, Payani Group has evolved into an influential network including Payani Private Equity, Payani Advisory, and Payani Media. Through these entities, Ali propels growth in diverse industries and sectors by spearheading strategic digital transformation initiatives.

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Daniel Gualotuna

Saleforce Strategiest

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Daniel is a seasoned Salesforce consultant at Trinity Relationship Management, with over eight years of experience in optimizing CRM systems for sectors including Financial Services and Health & Life Sciences. He has transformed the Salesforce platforms of 30+ companies, integrating advanced solutions and streamlining data to drive scalable growth and establish Salesforce as a strategic asset.

About This Webinar:

Elevate your marketing skills and position your business for unparalleled growth with “Mastering ABM: Strategies for Advanced B2B Marketing Success.” Dive into the world of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and learn how to seamlessly integrate tools like Pardot and Salesforce to create highly targeted campaigns. Discover marketing tactics and methods to develop and implement a successful ABM strategy. Whether you are a B2B business owner, CEO, CMO, or marketing professional looking to refine your segmentation techniques, personalize content, or leverage data-driven insights, this webinar is your gateway to mastering ABM.

What You'll Learn:

‣ ABM Essentials: The core principles of Account-Based Marketing.

Pardot’s Power in ABM: How to leverage Pardot for targeted account engagement.
Segmentation Mastery: Techniques for precise account segmentation.
Content Personalization: Crafting messages that resonate with each segment.
Engagement Across Channels: Strategies for unified multi-channel marketing.
Data-Driven Decisions: Utilizing analytics for informed ABM strategies.
Interactive Campaigns: Creating dynamic content for deeper engagement.
Lead Nurturing in ABM: Best practices for moving prospects through the funnel.
Success Metrics: Key performance indicators for measuring ABM impact.
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Who Should Attend?

Chief Executive Officer

Marketing Manager

Business Development Manager

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Sales Director

Account Executive

Marketing Strategist

Product Manager

Content Marketing Specialist

Key Industries to Benefit:

Financial Services
Healthcare Technology
Information Technology Services
Energy and Utilities
Construction and Engineering
Professional Services
Educational Technology and Services

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